Fornello Optimus Nova+
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Optimus Nova+

Art.NO: 85 Optimus Nova+ is exactly what the name suggests, a stove with the performance of the original Optimus Nova - plus a little more. We've added the patent pending Powerline for precision flame control at a distance from the flame by simply twisting the fuel hose. Optimus Nova+ also offers the stability of wide pot supports that fold around the burner for packing convenience and its serrated burner arms assure that the pan stays in place. Details like EZ-coupling for quick connection of the burner to the pump, the quick priming burner, self-purging aluminium Flipstop pump and a built in magnetic cleaning needle make sure that user's outdoor experience are all good ones. No matter what the conditions, the Optimus Nova+ will cook up meals that make users feel right at home in nature. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY built on Optimus Nova Optimus Powerline for SAFE and PRECISE FLAME CONTROL at a distance from the burner Fuel Optimus Arctic Fuel, White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet Fuel Weight 425 g (with pump) Measurement folded 86x67x125 mm Rating 2850 W Burn time Up to 2,5 hours at maximum output with M size fuel bottle (using 450 ml fuel) Boil time (1 L of water) Down to 3,5 minutes depending on climate, altitude etc. Included in package Includes burner with valve and stuff bag

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  • Veramente complimenti, ottima disponibilità di prodotti, prezzi buoni, velocità nella spedizione, piccolo omaggio gratuito!!! Eccellente! 
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